Your Emerging Urban Issue List

Photo Credit: Jean-Christophe Benoist CC BY 3.0

About a month ago I put out a call for your input on the emerging urban issues you think are important. Since some requested it, I want to summarize some of the ideas people sent me.

  • The need to build more housing and commercial space.
  • Income inequality and creating middle class jobs. What does the local high school grad who doesn’t go to college do for a living? The rise of the robots, etc.
  • Unfunded pensions and crowding out of services to fund pensions. And fiscal challenges generally.
  • The debate over local powers and state pre-emption. (This includes the divide between Republican mayors and conservative thought leaders on this issue). More broadly, the urban-rural divide.
  • Challenges, including fiscal challenges, coming from the decline of bricks and mortar retail and the rise of online.
  • Corruption and the revolving door – the politico-real estate axis.
  • Will Millennials (or even Boomer retirees) leave the city over time?
  • Is there are strategy other then gentrification for neighborhood revitalization?
  • Future of the CDBG program under Trump, and the need for reform in this program regardless.
  • Public safety and police reform
  • Urban education challenges
  • What will happen to Sunbelt boomtowns when they hit the end of their growth era?

from Aaron M. Renn


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