Helping Low Income Cooks Start Their Own Businesses Selling Food to Their Neighbors

I just left Miami where I was at the Atlantic’s City Lab conference. I was delighted to get to moderate a panel on entrepreneurship and regulation with Nick Grossman of Union Square Ventures, Lauren Hood of Live6 CDC in Detroit, and Charley Wang of Josephine.

I wasn’t able to grab everyone I might have hoped to get a podcast with, but I was able to sit down with Charley to talk about Josephine. Josephine is an Oakland based tech platform that helps low income cooks start businesses in their homes selling home cooked meals to neighbors. So it has both a social impact goal but also a profitability goal. Obviously, food is one of the most highly regulated sectors out there at the local level.  In our podcast Charley talks about Josephine, its mission, and the way they’ve navigated through urban regulation.

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from Aaron M. Renn


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