Ed Glaeser on America’s Jobs Crisis

Harvard economics professor Ed Glaeser is also a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Insitute who gives our annual James Q. Wilson lecture. This year’s talk was on the “End of Work.”

Glaeser agrees that we have a jobs crisis in America, with a large number of people disconnected from work.  He sees this as a much more critical problem than income stagnation, since long term unemployment has much greater personal and social consequences. While he doesn’t claim to have the answers, he suggests we need to paying people to work instead of not to work, and stop penalizing lower income people if they do work or increase their wages.

This is talk is a tour-de-force and is highly recommended. The lecture itself is about 30 minutes.

If the embedded video doesn’t display for you, click over to watch on You Tube.

from Aaron M. Renn


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