The Long Quest for Congestion Pricing in New York

“Gridlock” Sam Schwartz has a long and colorful history in New York City transportation, some of which I talked about in my Guardian profile of him. He not only invented the term “gridlock”, he also saved the Williamsburg Bridge, implemented the first protected bike lanes in New York (albeit temporarily), and much more.

During our conversation in January we talked about Move NY, a congestion pricing proposal that Sam developed and is championing. It’s the latest attempt after a long string of failures to rationally price driving in Manhattan. A lot of the specifics of Move NY, such  as lowering tolls on outer borough bridges that don’t enter Manhattan, were developed in response to criticisms of Michael Bloomberg’s own failed congestion pricing proposal.

Now that the Guardian piece, which I’m delighted to say has drawn great traffic, is up, I’m including as a podcast the portion of my conversation with Sam about congestion pricing and Move NY. If the audio player doesn’t display for you, click over to listen on Soundcloud.

Thanks to those of you who left ratings and reviews on iTunes. If you haven’t already, please do leave a rating because this helps new listeners discover the podcast.

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from Aaron M. Renn


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