The Human City

human-city-coverJoel Kotkin is controversial in urbanist circles to say the least.  Much of the urbanist world is very often singing from the same hymnal, so whether you agree with him or not, having pushback against the conventional wisdom is a healthy thing. Joel raises a number of points around affordability and family friendliness that urbanites would do well to heed.

He has a new book coming out next week called The Human City.  In the interests of full disclosure, I’ll tell you I reviewed and did some editing on his manuscript.

I recently sat down with Joel in Austin and recorded a podcast with him about his book and some of his philosophies of cities.  Our talk included:

  • 0:00 – Why do you hate cities so much, Joel?
  • 1:30 – What makes something a human city?
  • 3:05 – How do cities and families intersect?
  • 8:15 – Urban cores are like a bottle of whiskey

If the podcast audio doesn’t display for you, click over to listen on Soundcloud.

So you don’t miss an episode, you can subscribe to my podcast via iTunes or Soundcloud.

from Aaron M. Renn


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