What Does Flint Tell Us About the Problems Facing Smaller Post-Industrial Cities?


I invited readers to “ask Aaron anything” and I would start answering your questions and talking about the topics important to you in the podcast. The first question came in from Alon Levy of Pedestrian Observations, who asked what I thought of the situation in Flint, Michigan.

Flint joined a project to build a water pipeline to Lake Huron so it could stop buying lake water via Detroit. As an interim measure, it switched first to Flint River water.  That would have been safe, but the city failed to treat it properly, resulting in corrosion in the city’s water pipes that both discolored the water and filled it with toxic lead. It’s a mess.

Rather than trying to talk too much about the Flint situation itself, which was caused by human error, my latest podcast is about the challenges facing cities like Flint, which this crisis has brought into sharp relief.

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