Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Issues Mea Culpa to App Developers


Jack Dorsey photo by Flicker/cellanr. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

I have argued that Twitter’s fundamental problem is that it sabotaged its engine of innovation when it wiped out its third party ecosystem back in 2010-11. CEO Jack Dorsey apparently agrees. Three days after my blog post on the subject, he took the stage at the company’s developer conference to issue an apology for the way the company had treated developers.

Jack Dorsey wasted no time at Twitter’s annual Flight developer conference this morning, telling the crowd that his company has effectively failed the developers and would like to say sorry. Dorsey says that Twitter has a lot of work to rebuild the relationship with the software community, which it’s soiled by acting in unpredictable fashion, shutting off access to its platform, and ignoring the fact that developers made the service what it is today.” We want to come to you today and first and foremost apologize for our confusion,” Dorsey said onstage.

This is great news and gives hope for the company now that Dorsey is back at the helm. He also implies that Twitter won’t censor content, saying “Twitter stands for freedom of expression, and will not rest until that is recognized as a fundamental human right.”  We’ll see how the company backs these up, but these comments are welcome.

To be fair, I won’t claim to be the only person who ever made the connection between Twitter killing its ecosystem and languishing in growth. But I’m gratified to have contributed to the discussion.



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