Where Are the Children?


I have a post up over at New Geography looking at changes in child population since 2010 based on the latest Census estimates.

It’s no secret that we have an aging population in America, but a lot of metro areas are actually seeing not just more older people, but actual declines in their number of children. This isn’t just a few places either. About half of America’s major majors have seen a decline in children since 2010, and if you look just at pre-school age children under five, it’s even worse.

There are some interesting results here. One is that some of these Sunbelt boomtowns have actually seen declines in their under age five population, including Atlanta and Charlotte.  Conversely, there has been some overall child population growth in some places you might not expect given this overall pattern, such as San Francisco and Seattle.

Click through to read the whole thing.

You can also download a spreadsheet with all the data.


from The Urbanophile


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